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  • Clinch Park Beach in Traverse CityWhat You Should Know About Traverse City Tourism

    There is a city in Michigan called Traverse City. It is well known for its tourism. It is a place that people travel to for many reasons including the fishing, wine, and also the cherry festival.

    Although this small community is relatively small when compared to larger cities like Grand Rapids or Lansing, you will be able to do many things when you get there. Here are some of the most popular tourist attractions that you can participate in while you are visiting Traverse City this year.

    Why Do Most People Travel There?

    Most of the tourists that go to Traverse City are arriving in late June. They want to get there before the first week of July which is when the National Cherry Festival is in full force. This is an annual week long festival that is focused solely on this community which is the top producer of tart cherries in America.

    People get to sample different dishes that are made from cherries and can get access to these cherries that have been harvested, which are considered to be some of the best in the world.

    Although this is the primary reason that people travel to this city, an event that brings in 500,000 people or more every year, there are several other activities that people go to the town for because of its climate and also its proximity to Lake Michigan.
    Traverse City Beer and Wine Tours

    Beer And Wine Tasting Tours

    Another reason that people come to Traverse City is because of the beer and wine tasting tours. This is a region that produces an incredible amount of grapes, many of which are owned and processed by local vineyards.

    There are several different tours that you can take which will include Traverse City Tours, Traverse Bay Tours, and also Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours that lead thousands of people every year to these different facilities.

    It is there that you can taste the fine wine that is produced, as well as the beer that they make, all of which is considered to be some of the best that you can purchase.

    Boat Tours And Water Sports

    Traverse City is also known for its many different boating excursions that will take people out onto the water. This is another reason why traveling there during late June and through the month of July is highly recommended.

    If you travel during the winter, you are going to deal with heavy lake effect snow which will compromise your ability to do these wonderful activities. You can go out with Nauti-Cat Cruises, Tall Ship Manitou – Day Tours, or try your best to maintain your balance on a fly board out on the water with the Flyboard TC company.

    You can also try parasailing with the Traverse Bay Parasail company which is something that you will enjoy if you are not afraid of heights.

    Fishing Tours And More

    Additionally, you can also try your hand at fishing so that you can feel how it would be to go fishing out on the lake. Daydreamer Fishing Charters is one of the more popular companies to work with.

    Big Kahuna Charters is another company that you can work with if you want to go fishing, or if you would prefer going under the water, you can learn how to scuba dive with the Scuba North Diving Center business.

    Once you are done with these tours, you might consider doing several things on land. There are many places you can visit. Many of these will lead you into parks, or you can visit places like the Dennos Museum Center if you want to learn a little bit more about the community.

    If you are traveling with friends and family members, you should book your hotel early if you will be traveling during this time of the year when the festival is running.

    Otherwise, you might not be able to stay. You may also want to consider going to the different distilleries and breweries such as the Grand Traverse Distillery or the Right Brain Brewery, both of which are going to allow you to sample some of the best beer made in the state.

    Start planning your vacation early on, and you will not be disappointed with all of the things you will be able to do. There is a reason that Traverse City is a tourist spot, and you will experience why when traveling during the summer months.

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