• 9 Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

  • As a homeowner, you must know how to protect your roof and keep it well maintained. This can be quite an intimidating procedure. You should commit to your roof maintenance and ensure that the roof is in prime condition. You have to check or examine your roof condition to prevent sizeable repairs for water leaks and other issues if issues are addressed quickly. 

    Why is roof maintenance important?

    When you invest in your roof maintenance, it assures the long-term health of your roof. You have to install a proper roof and at least an annual maintenance examination.

    When your roof’s life expectancy is maximum due to annual maintenance possible issues and you’ll get peace of mind.

    Why is roof maintenance prevents future issue?

    The roof is the most important part of the house so you have to prevent measures from future issues. As we know, a small minor issue that isn’t untouched can cause a major issue of a year or more months. You depend on how often you have it done, tell your roof, and know what stage how much life it has left. You have to protect, additionally prevent you’re your lifespan and roof maintenance is critical.

    These are some of the tips that will help you to make sure your roof lasts for its lifespan expected service.

    1. Thoroughly examine shingles each season

    As we know in each season comes with issues unique to the weather usual during the period. You know that the sunny, hot, humid temperature arise abundance sun damage to the roof. Also, it comes with possible storm damages and the cold season with snowy or ice dams. From this, it affects the possibility of roof leaks due to the snow and the melting ice during the sunny season. You must execute a thorough examination of your shingles and other roofing tools and material each and daily season. You have to clean and look at your shingles for signs of abundance wear or damages and make sure to note any that are completely missing and required to be replaced. More, you have to check the integrity of the caulk and look at your vent pipes around the flashing. 

    Note: Any area consists of moss, lichen; algae indicate that is the sign of possible decay material behind your shingles. Any issue you have to address to find protect or prevent when the issue is small, hence easy to repair from escalating.

    2. Annually treat for algae, lichen, and moss, and so on

    You have to treat your roof as having growing plant-like algae, moss, lichen which permit you’re to lead to huge damages to your roof.  Additionally, your roof won’t look nice, overall appearance is unattractive too. 

    That is why, mostly happen during the sunny, moisture, humid, warm month in a shady area of your roof. You can easily remove these growing plants by having your roof cleaned by a specialist.

     If your roof is dry and clean then you can use the preventative products having copper and zinc, which retain the algae, moss, and lichen from growing it back. When you applied each season annually, this product very effectively and forbid growing plant of your shingles.

    3. Maintain the gutter and clean your roof

    You have to keep your gutter clean and that is why protecting your roof by directing water and debris from your house foundation. You must remove the free leaves from trees, sticks, and other debris to make sure your gutter can do your job accurately. If you have a tree then, you have to clean your gutter often but you don’t have any tree then clean at least twice a year. Hence, you can make your gutter to keep water flowing properly. The people near the storm-prone area should clean your gutter quarterly. From this, you can prevent your gutter is working correctly

    4. Remove debris and leaves from your roof on you daily basis

    You have to remove the free fall leaves and debris from your roof. It consists of twigs; stick with the removal of the root debris. On daily basis, you have to clean off and take special attention to the collects on the roof.  You have to pay attention to the skylight and chimney as debris tends to build there. Since it’s an easy task to remove leaves from the leaf blower by making a huge difference in allowing water to drain freely off your roof. You can also use a broom to sweep the debris on your roof.

    Hence, your gutter will not seize all the leaves and the debris that may land on you roof, especially heavy hurricanes. It’s very important to clean your gutter and daily check your roof and remove it promptly.

    5. Near your roofline, you should trim your branches hanging

    You ensure to trim branches because trimming large-scale trees near your surround, especially those trees hanging over your roof may cause debris accumulation. When a storm affects the leaves from falling from the tree and protects your house from damages caused by impacts like natural disasters. It can cause tree limbs to fly freely, possibly damaging your roof. You have to trim your branches that hang close to your roof or may break in your hurricanes. 

    Since, the tree’s branches close to your roof may damages in different ways, like scraping the shingles again and again during heavy storms. It’s very important and recommends checking the growth of your tree on an annual basis to decide when you require a trim.

    6. Around flashing as required and replace the caulk 

    It’s essential to prevent water from your roof which has a flashing around the vents pipes and chimney from leaking into your house. You have to check your flashing and make sure to protect and prevent water leaky. Since you have to examine and replace the caulk on annual basis around flashing. If you know the caulk is starting to lift or missing in this area. If your caulk is old then you have to replace and apply a new bead to fill the gap.

    7. Make sure your attic has a good insulation 

    If you don’t have good insulation then ice and snow accumulated on your roof during the winter season. But the lowest layer starts to melt and allows the water to refreeze around your shingles. If you have an ice dam on your roof that prevents water from properly drain issues from your gutters. Hence, you need good insulation to prevent this melting procedure that may cause huge damages by keeping heat from your house. This damages the roof itself fast and shingles. Good insulation helps to prevent and protect from escaping via the roof. Note: You have installed the best quality insulation like R-49, R-60 in your attic so that your lifespan of insulation is for a long time.

    8. Understand the effect of sun exposure on your roof

    Do you know the sunlight might damage your roof? You know that sunlight over some time can cause destructive effects on the state of your roof. Those areas which have extreme sunlight like UV rays relentlessly shine down in your roof. Harsh sunlight might cause roofing material, dissipating their protective oils, and heat your roof. You should understand the lack of affecting the condition or how the sunlight harshes your roof. There are different factors in which you can work with specialists to reduce those effects of sun exposure on your roof.

    9. Proper ventilation matter

    As we know that the proper ventilation makes all the difference because your roof must need to breathe, simply put. If you don’t have good ventilation then your roofing system makes increase the heat and moisture. Due to the moisture and heat impact wreaking havoc and decrease the effectiveness of your insulation on your roofing system. You need good ventilation so that you can easily prevent and protect from future happening by installing well-designed quality ventilation and finally, good insulation keep your roofing in fully functioning shape.

    Common causes of roof damages

    As a homeowner, it’s important to know the common issue of roof damage that needs to repair or replace.

    • Time:

    There are different types of roof and it’s expectancies for common roofing like:


    Life expectancy (years)



    Cedar shake

    30 and more 


    50 and more 

    Clay tiles



    100 and more

    • Natural disaster

    It’s a common reason for roof damage like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and wildfire which cause damage to roofing material. 

    • Seasonal Damage

    Snow and ice dam in the winter season can cause issues when ice is built up at the edge of the roof and back of shingles.  In the end, this layer of ice penetrates the sheathing under the roof, resulting in water leaky inside the house.

    • Lack of maintenance

    You have to maintain your roof, regularly prevent at least once per year. If you didn’t maintain then it won’t get the full expected lifespan.

    When to repair?

    • If your roof is a little damaged then you must use repair. There are some things to be considered when to repair:
    • Sometimes, missing shingles is a common issue that can be easily fixed by a capable roofer. Especially, if the repair work is small then repair shingle is an easy job.
    • Another example of repair is damaged flashing by a quick fix for a roofer. As we know as long there is extensive water damage, it’s easy to repair the damaged flashing.
    • If your gutter has a minor issue you can use a repair worthy job. When your gutter is clogged, damaged, or aging you can easily repair it without having to integrate a new roof.

    When to replace?

    • If your roof is badly damaged, then you need to replace the roof and doesn’t fall in the minor category. There are some of the indications that you require to be replaced are:
    • Your shingles are shedding and curly their granules.
    • At the end of its recommended service life, the roof is approaching or the roof has passed.
    • The common issue of major damage is falling from trees and severe damages and water leaky then you need to replace your roof.
    • Your roof is being replaced if you make roofing repairs constantly.

    Look for leaks in the ceiling & attic

    When you’ll know when you’ll see the sign of an unhealthy roof is water stain or discolor. You find any stain, visible on your limit. This is a sign of water damages to head off any specific problem. The standard warning signs of water leakage are:

    • The room must or smell or bad odor.
    • You’ll see a spot or crack on your ceiling.
    • Exterior walls 
    • Water spot or stain on exterior walls.

    Bulging patches on your interior walls

    If you find bulging patches on your walls then you should take the help of a professional roofer. He will check your condition and give suggest patching up holes or cracking in the roof. You can also patch up leakage by yourself easily.

    Final thoughts

    You should know that roof maintenance takes time and keep your roof in good condition by performing the daily routine. If you notice any sign of shingles, gutter damage, attic leakage, or roof damage then you can take the help of a professional expert roofer

    There is an expert roofer contractor who has years of experience and skill. They help you in diagnosing and solving your roof issue. They’ll give a solution also the cause to stop roof problem.

    As you’re a homeowner then you know the roof is the most important part of your house. You should not ignore or neglect your roof as it’s crucial when you part of your house. Then keep your roof in good shape for years to come. 

    Since roof maintenance doesn’t take time and must pay the most attention. It’s very important to have a reliable group roofer who knows that too.