• What You Should Expect When Hiring A Wedding DJ

  • Hiring A Wedding DJHiring A Wedding DJ

    If you’re like most people, you probably expect a wedding DJ to simply show up to the wedding and play music before they leave. However, a wedding DJ does more than you think. With that said, here’s what to expect when hiring a wedding DJ for your big day or someone else’s wedding.

    1. Wedding Party Intro

    Your DJ will arrive at your wedding reception, and then they will play a little bit of music for cocktail hour. After that, they will introduce the wedding party by playing a song or two. Usually, the music will be energetic, or if you have a certain song in mind, you can tell them to play that beforehand.

    Some couples choose to have one song for the wedding party intro, while some decide to have separate songs. A good DJ will help you plan your introduction, and they will ensure that people’s names will be said correctly. This is important because you don’t want to be embarrassed if the DJ can’t correctly pronounce people’s names.

    2. Toasts

    The DJ will have a wireless mic that they will give to the best man, father of the bride, the main of honor and whoever else wants to give a toast. You can expect the DJ to introduce each person who is going to give a speech.

    During this time they will likely not play any music at all, and they may add elements to make the toasts and speeches more entertaining. However, if the DJ plans on doing this or if you want the toasting part to have a bit of humor, then talk to the DJ before the big day arrives.

    3. During Dinner Hour

    As you and your guests are eating dinner, you can expect the DJ to play background music, but don’t expect the music to be too loud because the DJ understands that guests will likely be talking to one another. If they were playing music too loudly, then people wouldn’t be able to hear each other. You can expect instrumental music to play, such as piano music, jazz music or classical tunes.

    Wedding Reception Dinner Music4. Special Dances

    As a newlywed couple, one of the things you look forward to the most is your very first dance at the wedding reception. This is when you can expect your DJ to introduce you and your spouse and they will play the song you chose.

    They will also introduce other guests who do dances, such as the bride and father dance, groom and mother dance and so forth. As for how long each dance will last, your DJ will give you an idea and if they don’t tell you when you hire them, then ask, and you two will be able to figure it out.

    5. Open The Dance Floor Up

    Eventually, the DJ will open the dance floor up, which means they will play songs throughout the rest of the night. You can provide them a list of songs you want to be played and the DJ will play them, but he will probably mix them. Don’t worry though because a professional will ensure everything goes smoothly and no tracks skip or sound horrible.

    Most professional wedding DJs will get a feel for the crowd, and then they will play music geared towards the crowd. For example, if kids are present, then they will likely play kid-friendly tunes, and if there is a much older crowd, then they may play music from that generation. Consider who will be at your wedding and then choose songs accordingly or let the DJ know ahead of time.

    6. Last Song

    When hiring a wedding DJ, you can expect them to play one final song specifically for the newlyweds. The song they’ll play is up to the couple, or they can let the DJ choose. Afterward, the DJ will thank everyone for having him, and then he’ll leave for the night.

    That is what you can expect when hiring a wedding DJ. Just remember, not all wedding DJs are created equal. Take your time when hiring a DJ because you want to make sure you only get the best. A DJ can make or break a wedding reception, so you want to ensure you hire a good one.

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