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    Man and wife dancing at their wedingThe fact of the matter is that weddings are happening more than any other event you can think of. For this reason, it is important to call a professional and experienced wedding DJ who will do more than play music. You will need a professional wedding DJ who can perform as a wedding Master of Ceremony. The person should how to connect with your guests and vendors.

    We ensure that our clients are fully satisfied. We offer individual attention to ensure that all your needs for that special day are met. We always meet up with our clients two weeks before the wedding to discuss all wedding details as well as time coordination and timeline. Examples of details that we will review together include:

    • Introduction preference at the reception
    • The timing of the toasts
    • The timing of the dance
    • Any special announcements or tradition you would like to observe
    • And much more

    It is our understanding that no two weddings are the same because no two people are same. It does not matter the kind of wedding you want, may it be a black-tie affair, a casual get-together with close friends or a traditional family celebration; Sugar Sand Sound is the right choice for your wedding DJ. We focus on giving exactly what you want.

    Weddings are celebrations that mean a new beginning for the rest of your life. Therefore, it should be treated as special as it is.

    Here at Sugar Sand Sound, we pride ourselves to be the best service providers in the industry. We provide entertainment, coordination, and a smooth fun filled event. We have handled many events over the years. To us, this is not a ‘job’ but a calling. It is our passion.

    We do also understand that planning a wedding can be a stressful affair. For this reason, we want for you to relax for the time leading to the wedding. Have the confidence that experienced and professional wedding DJs will make your event go as smoothly as possible.

    Below are 3 Reasons to relax when you have hired our services:

    • Pre-Planning

    We always meet with our clients few days before the wedding to discuss in advance everything they need and how they need it. We also offer our ideas to build on your vision. The aim is to put make sure that your reception unfolds exactly as you envisioned it.

    • Timing and Coordination

    It is a known fact that any announcement is pre-planned and timed to take place at exactly when it was planned. We coordinate with other wedding planner’s service providers such as the photographer, the catering department and other to make sure that we are all on the same page. Your job is to sit back and see everything unfold nicely.

    • Professionalism

    We strive to be the best and offer a professional presentation that all of your guests will enjoy. We have the experience to know what matters most to keep the party moving in the right directions.

    Wedding reception dancingThe Role Of A DJ In A Wedding Is Misunderstood

    Most of the time, when you think of a DJ, you picture them pounding out music to a crazy crowd. That’s not a very accurate mental image, though – this is the description of a club DJ. You don’t want or need a Club DJ for your wedding – so make sure you don’t end up hiring one to yours.

    The very term ‘Wedding DJ’ is a source of confusion in itself – it’s more accurate to call them ‘Wedding Masters of Ceremonies.’ DJs in Traverse City have more responsibilities than merely playing music. The entire wedding ceremony, as well as first dances, introductions, cake cutting, cocktail hours and dancing all require an expert with a mic – so you can understand that a wedding without an excellent MC isn’t as exciting.

    A great wedding DJ will spend hours planning your event with you.

    Playing The Right Music At Your Wedding Shouldn’t Be A Coincidence

    The music played at your wedding shouldn’t be the same the MC played on the previous one. Just like you, your wedding should be unique, and a good DJ will begin planning weeks in advance of the day. He’ll ask questions about you as well as your guests, family, and your music taste in general.

    You want to set up the best possible mood before and during your wedding ceremony and play music that is meaningful to you. The right songs playing at cocktail hour will do wonders to create a certain atmosphere, and it’ll all depend on what you want to transmit. A first dance requires that you pick a song with the perfect lyrics to define your marriage – should your introduction be joyous and spirited, or guarded and somber?

    And of course, there’s dancing. It is your wedding day, so all your loved family members and friends will attend and wish you the best. That includes dancing with you to your favorite music – if you’re having fun at your wedding reception, guests will join in, so you need to pick music that you like so that the crowd will follow.

    If you’re not into dancing and don’t plan on being on the dance floor the majority of the night, that’s ok as well – you can simply let your DJ pick the music as the evening goes on. He should be an expert at reading the crowd and make sure they dance with the right music.

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    Are you interested in learning more about the above services or do you have any questions you’d like answered? If so, then contact us and provide us with details about your reception and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote or to answer any questions you may have. We are standing by to take your call, so contact us today.

    Why Traverse City?

    Traverse City is one of the most beautiful places on earth, this small city has been continuously featured on 10 best places to visit lists for the last 20 years. Located in the heart of Northern Michigan, there is no place quite like it. The Grand Traverse Bay is the centerpiece of the area, this small inlet from lake Michigan has been the perfect backdrop for many festivals including The National Chery Festival and The Traverse City Film Festival.

    Do to the natural landscape of the area there is a natural draw for couples to come and enjoy their wedding. Traverse City has many area wedding venues, many are indoors and many others are outside. These places like The Grand Traverse Resort or the Park Place Hotel offer picturesque and simply beautiful ceremonies. There are also a large number of wineries in the are that allow for a small departure from the city life. With rolling hills and quaint cozy lodges, the Traverse City area wineries have become a popular wedding destination.

    We are proud to call this lovely place home. We have lived in Traverse City for over 30 years and we have witnessed the explosion of the wedding destination this part of Northern Michigan has become. You will simply love experiencing your special day in such a majestic place.