• Wedding Ceremony Audio

  • The Experience

    Long after your wedding, the guests will talk about their experience. Our ceremony sound can have them talking about your wedding for all the right reasons. Right from the moment they arrive to lush, stereo music setting the mood, to the intimate exchange of vows.

    It is very rare for guests to get a glimpse into every word as you are joined hand in hand forever. I can simply describe it as a moving experience. It is a moving experience even for us. We attend weddings all summer long, every weekend!

    Premium Sound

    For most ceremonies, we use a low profile state of the art Bose L1 compact line array speaker system. Bose Spatial Dispersion loudspeaker technology produces sound equally across the listening area and to the audience including to the extreme sides.

    These speakers are very different from traditional "box" speakers. They can remain out of pictures without having to sacrifice great sound reaching your guests.


    We will give your officiant a wireless lapel microphone and a small belt pack. This will help amplify your officiant so that the guests can easily follow what is going on and pick up the exchange of vows. Depending on the venue and conditions, we may also provide a wireless lapel microphone for the groom to make sure your guests have the best experience. We do not like to mic the bride to avoid microphones on the dress.


    If you have planned to have any readings, we will provide microphone on a stand. The microphone is usually wireless and easily adjusted in height.


    If you have a singer or instrumentalist, we will give you a single or dual microphone system that will capture and amplify their performance.

    Wedding Ceremony System with Compact Bose Premium Sound

    We use an unnoticeable, streamed digital system which is positioned as out of the way as possible in the back and off to one side. We use our main reception system and run a speaker outdoors for ceremonies directly outside the reception space.

    Contact Us

    Are you interested in learning more about the above services or do you have any questions you'd like answered? If so, then contact us and provide us with details about your reception and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote or to answer any questions you may have. We are standing by to take your call, so contact us today.