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    Why we started Sugar Sand Sound:

    Sugar Sand Sound is a Father and Son team with a rich background in event entertainment. After attending many of our friends and families weddings, we noticed an interesting problem in the wedding DJ industry. Drawing on Lyle's background as a professional musician and live sound re-enforcement, and Josh's history with audio and professional event entertainment, we knew we could provide a different kinda of wedding DJ service. 

    Our experience with wedding DJ's was that many DJ's were more interested in what they wanted to play and the show seemed more about them than the newlyweds or their friends and family. After saying to ourselves numerous times, "I cant believe he is playing that", we decided to start a company focused on the experience of all those celebrating your big day. 

    We have found that many others have had a similar experience with wedding DJ's, they seemed more like a club DJ than someone who was there to drive the celebration. After consulting with industry professionals, friends, and family we have put together a process that caters to you and your loved ones.

    We use a tried a true system to make sure everyone has a chance to dance and enjoy themselves, from grand children to grand parents and every where in between, we have a them dancing, smiling and having a great time all through the night. This process has never let us down, and we are very proud that we are able to be part of the joy that you and your loved one get to experience. 

    What to expect:

    Once we determine your date is available and we are able to schedule a FREE consultation, we will spend time with you going through the motions of the day. Starting with the your arrival to the ceremony and then on to things like how many quests, types of music for each phase of the day, who is speaking, playlists as well as lighting and many other details. This consultation serves both you and us to make sure we are expecting the same things and it also allows us to communicate clearly with your other vendors throughout the day. 

    On your special day, we will be focused on the details of the service we have previously discussed and working through and around any unexpected situations that may arise. Sometime people are running late or there is a hold up, we may need to adjust the background music before the ceremony, or even make an announcement to let the guests know about the delay. Many things can come up and we are prepared to respond to anything that may need some extra attention, all while focused on the success of each part of the day.   

    For your reception, we will provide some comfortable background music of your choice for your guests as they eagerly await your arrival during the cocktail hour. Once you and your wedding party arrive on site, we coordinate with your other vendors to guide you and your wedding party through the grand entrance, speeches and blessings before dinner. After the dinner and special dances are complete we open up the dance floor and drive your celebration on through the night. 

    This all describes a very typical wedding day, we of course are open to any and all variation and ideas you would like to incorporate in to your special day. You deserve the day to be as you prefer, and we will provide the same level of detailed attention to any format you would like. 

    How to Hire us:

    Simply call us at (231) 714 4511, or fill out the contact form on the right to request a call from us. We would love to be part of your special day. Thank you for considering us. 


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